Work at SF !

Work at SF

Experts in their own fields, our educators are part of what is uniquely SF
They aspire to be forever memorable as life-defining mentors in our students' academic, extracurricular, and social development.
Our educators are truly our greatest strength. Our mission to be a "family-oriented school" refers not only to our enrolled families, but to our family of faculty and staff.
We are a school where exceptional teachers inspire students to reach their full potential.
To accomplish this, we begin by selectively recruiting experienced faculty with a history of motivating and challenging students. Our faculty use the most current teaching practices and tools in an environment where students' individual needs are paramount. Results of student performance, which are published each year, make it clear that the reputation of SF is based not on lofty aspirations, but on hard evidence that grows stronger with each passing year.

SF is committed to the ongoing professional development of our faculty members. The school frequently invites experts in the field of education to our campuses for on-site seminars, and also encourages faculty to take advantage of conferences around the globe.
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