After School Activities

Don’t let your child become a social media addict. Direct their creative energy into art and activity. At Siate Felici, we offer a range of creative after-school activities that promise to keep your child on their feet and off their devices!


Our gymnastics club is headed by a 25years experienced teacher, to work on balance, core, flexibility, and agility. Gymnastics is the school of sport and physical activity; you can start here and go anywhere. Gymnastics helps to develop balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength, which provides a foundation for all age groups to build basic to advanced skills in different body movements. The Gymnastics team exposes the kids to different competitions.

Monday – Thursday 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM


Your child can improve their endurance, stamina, and energy by dancing. It also encourages strength and muscle development. When a child enjoys music and learns to dance to its rhythms, it stimulates their brain. This improves their cognitive abilities, as well as their neurological health.

Thursday – Friday

4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Drawing / Painting

Painting and drawing, pottery and sculpture, your child will experience a wide variety of visual arts. A visual arts education begins in preschool and continues through the Upper School.

Students learn a variety of techniques from our faculty as well as guest instructors who are professionals in their field of study.

We will often incorporate arts into other fields of study to develop engaging and creative lessons that mix the arts with history, math, music, or language.

Thursday – Friday
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM


Ballet requires a person to have strength and agility. At the School of Siate Felici, we focus on developing children’s muscle strength in a way that is both fun and beneficial. Strength training also teaches kids how to exercise and sets them up for a healthier lifestyle in the future.

Friday 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Saturday 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Why learn Chess?

  • First of all, chess is a game and it is fun. At the same time, it is an intellectual game. Along with mastering the game, kids learn to think independently. This makes the game interesting for them, especially at a young
  • Chess will teach kids to think logically and improvise, as those are essential qualities in
  • Chess will make kids learn how to think, it makes them more
  • Chess develops various skills like leadership capacities, decision-making, strategic planning, logical thinking, and

The future of the world depends on such creative leaders who have the capacity to make the right decisions, as well as the character to take responsibility for wrong decisions.

About Us

Since its inception, our students have participated in many States, National, and international tournaments & have made their Parents, State, and our Nation proud!

  • 25 Years of Experience – With vast experience and learning, we have designed an effective and efficient way of teaching the game.
  • 3000+ Students – we’re supporting over 3000 students right now all across the globe.
  • Professional Coaches – With not less than 10 years of experience, all our coaches are amazingly qualified teachers with real-world experience.


BASIC COURSE: 3 months



  • the child will be exposed to various competitions after the advanced levelcourse.
  • Kit and competitions charges would be extra.
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