School food

Balanced Nutrition and Healthy Meals

Healthy and balanced nutrition plays a big role in a student’s ability to achieve in school. Therefore, we educate and encourage our students to develop lifelong healthy eating habits. Our lunch menu is designed by the expert team of chefs, who have decades of combined experience in nutrition and serving up dishes which kids simply love.

  • Pure vegetarian meals
  • Customized calorie intake
  • Covering all food groups
  • Quality Assured
She loves eat fresh fruit

Fresh, Healthy and Delicious

All meals are served in our spacious and welcoming school canteen. Here our students and staff enjoy the company of others during their meals. Freshly prepared in our cloud kitchen, our canteen serves meals to our students throughout the day. All the meals are made from fresh, high-quality ingredients and are carefully thought out to ensure that taste is at a maximum.

Community service

we create unique opportunities for our students to participate in community service projects to develop active, compassionate young people who want to make a difference in the world and evolve as global citizens. We aim to inspire contribution to society in a sustainable way throughout life by developing a service ethos, entrepreneurial activities, and community spirit.