Daycare - A home away from home!

Every baby who joins us joins our growing family and brings something special and unique to our center. Our days are guided by them, their interests, their health, and their need for attachment. It is a really special privilege to be able to care for your baby, feel the excitement of them achieving their milestones, and share that journey with you. When your baby joins, you can be assured that their personal routine will be supported. When you share with us your baby’s routine, care, health, and dietary requirements, we will follow them, using your baby as the guide.

Nap schedules

baby’s nap schedule will be followed as per their routine.


food is optional for parents in daycare, you can either enroll for school snacks or home snacks.


1:00pm to 6:00pm (Monday-Saturday).
On all public holidays and Sundays, the daycare will be closed.

Guided play

the child will be engaged in various theme-based and age-appropriate activities.

Large outdoor play

Large outdoor play with an awesome playset
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