About Us

The Foundation in Everything We Do

We believe that high-quality teaching and learning


Equips students to be critical thinkers that appreciate diversity in an increasingly global world.


Personal Pathways

Creates personalized pathways for students to maximize their unique potential.


Academic Excellence

Takes place in a secure, stimulating and engaging environment.


Meet The Team

Siate Felici benefits from a richly talented and experienced faculty. Our close-knit faculty embraces professionalism that is empowered by communication, collaboration and collegiality. Our teaching team practices observation, provocation, inquiry, and reflection through gentle guidance as children play and work. We continue to be inspired by best practices in the field of education, and we consider professional growth and self-discovery to strengthen our work.

Manjula Kakarla

- Chairman

A Post Graduate in Mathematics from Osmania University and a Bachelor of Education Degree from Andhra University, Manjula Kakarla is an educationist par excellence. She has vast experience of teaching students and mentoring teachers in reputed schools for the past 37 years. She served as a member of the CBSE national examination panel. She has been responsible for training students to learn and practice Maths- a skill that has helped them gain the power over Mathematics for a lifetime.

Harsha Boppana

- Director.

A graduate with M.S in Operations Research from University of Southern California, Bachelors In Education From Osmania University, Harsha Bopanna has always been a seeker of the different and received great appreciation, credit for his unique approach to work. This attitude of his has led him to explore different ways of learning in the educational system.

Dr. Raajitha Boppana

- Director

A psychiatrist who is a multi-tasker found her passion in early childhood education. She is an ardent believer in socio-emotional approach, imagination and creativity which helps to shape the kids future on a different level. Her accomplishments are innumerable in various fields on a national level and knows how to manage them all. She aims to break the barriers of mental health stigma and believes in a different approach towards the kids to evolve them as “happy kids”.

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