Curiosi - Age Group (1.5- 2.5 yrs)

As your child begins to walk, run, and jump, our educators observe and analyze their interactions with the environment, materials, and each other. Our teachers use these observations to recognize your child’s interests and create projections based on your child’s curiosity. Empathy, pretend play, and social roles are explored as teachers support your children as they navigate their first relationships and begin to create their own identity.

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Piccolo - Age Group (2.5- 3.5 yrs)

Independence becomes an evident milestone for the Piccolos. As they discover all the things they can do they want to do more things for themselves such as eating, washing hands, dressing themselves, and learning to use the toilet. Through various sensorial, fine motor, and gross motor experiences teachers encourage children to become self-sufficient. The environment is arranged so that children are exposed to their written name, establish a daily flow, create peer relationships, understand emotions and start to express their thought and ideas in simple sentences. By encouraging communication between the children, they begin to understand the dynamics of a classroom community.

A variety of opportunities are offered for children to experiment with art and drawing as they are able to make lines, zigzags, make a series of scribbles and begin to give meaning to the symbols they create.

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Medio - Age Group (3.5 - 4.5 yrs)

At this stage, children develop a better sense of time, and they separate from parents with greater ease. Since they begin to understand the daily flow better, they are more comfortable accepting transitions and soothe themselves with their ability to make predictions about what is coming next.

While their gross motor skills become stronger, activities such as running, throwing and catching a ball, and dancing are a source of great joy. They begin to challenge themselves further and it is common to see them outside in the playground climbing up and jumping down. Children love to feel a sense of accomplishment and putting a puzzle together, painting, and drawing are all ways they demonstrate their growing abilities.

Siate Felici

Grande - Age Group (4.5- 5.5 yrs)

The Grandes are interested in finding out how everything works. At this stage your child will develop greater self-control and independence and enjoy trying new experiences. Since their vocabulary and pronunciation increases they begin communicating in more complex and compound sentences. They are encouraged to get involved during the documentation process and their perspectives are written down and become part of these records. Your child’s capacity for learning math concepts increases at this age. They can successfully use language to compare and describe objects and shapes. Children of the 4’s know days of the week, months and the seasons.

As children explore and develop relationships they build an understanding of what causes certain feelings and realize that others may react differently to the same situations. Because of this, the child begins to further progress in more complex social interactions such as joining in organized group play.

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Grade 1 - 5 Age Group (5.5 - 11 yrs)

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